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Discover your inner builder!

Our robust marble runs are designed to stay put, so your kids can focus on the fun. They promote spatial intelligence and an understanding of fundamental physical concepts like acceleration and gravity, allowing your budding engineers to teach themselves how best to use curves, catapults, slides, and straight tracks to get the most fun out of their designs. Our marble runs’ uncompromising attention to detail and electricity-free functionality are sure to make them a permanent fixture in the playroom.

Whose run is the highest? The longest? The fastest? Who has the best placement of their catapults, vortices, and cradle chutes?

The graduated difficulty levels of our construction toys provide for demonstrable improvement in your children’s concentration, working memory, and ability to follow instructions. Kids also learn to overcome challenges, practice their analytical thinking and advanced planning skills, and benefit from the experience of successfully building their very own marble tracks. Our marble runs are particularly well-suited to play with more than one person—it’s always more fun when you build together!

For even more variety, you can download a free copy of our interactive 3D marble run app.

Our marble runs are 100% compatible with bricks made by other leading manufacturers.

What’s more, we release an all-new set of marble run plans on a monthly basis to make sure that kids never run out of tracks to build.

Hubelino: Building Stronger Minds.




Big Building Box
Basic Building Box
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128-Piece Run Elements Set
50-Piece Run Elements Set
Run Elements Set 2016
Cradle Chute
12 Original Hubelino Marbles
White building blocks
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