Big Building Box (213 pieces)

Our new 213-piece construction kit is ideal for the Hubelino Marble Run beginner. It contains all necessary elements for building dynamic and spectacular marble runs. Build tracks with the interlocking segments and recreate the models in our tutorials or experiment with your own designs. All the basic bricks are included in this set, as well as the new slide turns. You'll get enough brick types for endless building fun and play possibilities.

The set comes in a solid cardboard carrying case with partitions for storing your bricks and carrying them to play everywhere you go. Also included is a book with sample tracks and instructions.

Our 213-piece building kit contains all the necessary building blocks to design spectacular marble runs, plus the new chute curves.

Product Information

90 run elements,
118 building blocks,
1 base plate,
4 marbles
4.16 kg
53,4 x 43 x 14,2 cm
Item Nr.