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Ready, set, learn!

With the right tools, even learning can be fun!

Alongside Lisa and Anton—Hubelino’s ant kids—children can discover the world of letters and numbers in a fun and enduring way. Our educational games are the perfect companions for young children in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school. While quantities and initial sounds are the first order of the day, later lessons challenge learners with tasks in calculation, reading, and writing. With a playful approach to lessons and exercises, your children will be busy at unraveling the mystery of numbers and letters before you know it!

A new era of entertainment.

On their own or in pairs—and with variable difficulty levels—kids can try their luck and use their cunning to best their opponents in Rainbow Dominoes or Match Four. In Tangram, they’ll unleash their powers of imagination to bring creative creatures, playful patterns, and fantastical forms to life. Our three game sets train your children’s mental capacity and problem-oriented thinking, all while delivering hours of fun. Our games sharpen wits and motor skills alike: each move laid out on the board improves dexterity and cognitive capacity simultaneously.

Thanks to their easy-to-handle size, our educational games are also the perfect traveling companions on long car rides or trips abroad. To ensure that they serve your kids for many years to come, all of our products are manufactured in Germany under strict quality controls using high-quality, robust materials.

Hubelino: Building Stronger Minds.

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Learning Numbers
Reading and Writing
Counting and Calculating
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